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A Premier Commercial Entertainment Studio

DiamondBack Entertainment is a Texas-born entertainment Studio. Founded in 2019, our staff is capable of shooting and managing projects of any size, from simple product photos to music production. Our personalized services accommodate each client’s specific wishes. Whether you’re looking to hire us for an event, or to shoot a commercial, just send us an email or give us a call!


Projects: Coming Soon

Anime Artist
Summer Icons Poster
App Design

The Shadow Garden

'The Shadow Garden' Synopsis- Follow the trials and tribulations of young Mirio as he searches for answers within a world of danger and secrecy.


Diamondback Podcast

The Diamondback Podcast will bring updates to listeners about the entertainment industry. The wide world of Movies, Music and Video Games. Nothing is off-limits.

*will be available on all major audio streaming platforms

Writing Rally App

Writing Rally will combine social and business aspects to achieve a balance that will allow different aspects of the entertainment industry personnel, from Directors to Makeup Artists, to find work.


All About DiamondBack Entertainment

Capturing moments of the Future

DiamondBack Entertainment is a Dallas-based professional Commercial Entertainment Studio. Clients and peers recognize our unique talent in capturing the essence of our subjects in every project we develop. As a Jack-of-All-Trades Studio, we have worked with unique projects, but never cease to look for the artistry in each masterpiece that is created. If you’d like to see examples of our work or read a little more about the services we provide, give us a call.


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